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Africa Energy Chamber is set to host its official launch of the very first Africa Energy week scheduled to hold at the V&A Waterfront Cape-Town, South Africa on the 9th-12th of NOVEMBER 2021. The Africa Energy week promises to showcase the first-ever energy village, and it will be an interactive session with a lot of brainstorming and networking from African Energy stakeholders to promote growth and development as well as drive the continent of Africa as the destination for African-focused events onwards.
The AEW 2021 has attracted full support from prominent African global personalities, industry leaders, and top shots from the oil and gas sector.
The event has been fixed and will hold under strong adherence to covid-19 protocols to ensure the safety of all present.
The event’s main focus is to illustrate and promote Africa’s Energy agenda through further development, striking deals, and participation from the private sector. It also aims to highlight African’s role in the global energy transition.
Furthermore, the key topic of discussion will be focused on eradicating energy poverty before 2030 and will touch on the unaddressed role of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting countries, the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, American Petroleum Institute, International Energy Agency among others. The Major advantage of Natural gas and crude oil is to make available various ranges of business opportunities and employment across the continent, spanning upstream exploration, midstream, downstream opportunities, and development, infrastructure building across all sectors, improve logistics, digital networks, and tracking, as well as market expansion within the continent. The AEW 2021 conference brings all stakeholders on one platform to network and make history.

Energy encompasses a crucial element of social and economic growth in which the lack thereof serves as a direct setback to economic development. Despite being inarguably the richest continent in terms of natural resources, it is also considered the poorest in terms of development that is linked with the lack of industrialization as a result of energy accessibility challenges.
Accessibility challenges have been associated with infrastructure shortages, the lack of significant investment, high-risk or uncertain regulatory settings preventing foreign involvements, and the lack of expected knowledge and skills to improve the energy and power sectors. Meanwhile, with roughly 650 million people presently living in rural or dispersed locations across Africa, the high cost of contributing services to such remote places has only further intensified the energy crisis.
Africa Energy week 2021 comes at a time where fierce action is required to save the African energy industry and promote developments through capacity-building initiatives, increase job opportunities, lift families out of poverty, ease the transition to renewable with capital, and electrify the continent of Africa for industrialization and domestic use. Representing the first and only Africa-focused energy exhibition to take place on the continent of Africa in 2021, Africa Energy week will serve as a stimulant or encouragement that will assist in revamping the African Energy space, bringing energy poverty to an end by 2030. AEW 2021 has positioned making energy poverty history at the top of the agenda, and with extensive access requiring approximately USD 20 billion of its annual investment from 2021-2030, through networking and striking deals, the event looks forward to making this goal a reality.

Get your tickets here and you can participate digitally as well.

Some important delegates to grace the event are:

H.E. Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo – Secretary General, OPEC

H.E. Gabriel Obiang Lima – Minister of Mines, Industry and Energy, Equatorial Guinea

H.E. Aissatou Sophie Gladima – Minister of Petroleun and Energy, Senegal

H.E. Diamantino Azevedo – Minister of Mineral Resources and Petroleum, Angola

H.E. Chief Timipre Sylva – Minister of State for Petroleum, Nigeria

H.E Bruno Jean Richard Itoua – Minister of Hydrocarbons, The Republic of Congo

Hon Tom Alweendo – Minister of Mines and Energy, Namibia

Hon. Puot Kang Chol – Minister of Petroleum, South Sudan

H.E. Mahamane Sani Mahamadou – Minister of Petreoleum, Energy and Renewable Energies, republic of Niger

Hon. Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh – Minister of Energy, Ghana

Maggy Shino – Petroleum Commissioner, Ministry of Mines and Energy, Namibia

and more delegates from around the world.

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Do not miss out on this exciting networking event!

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