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Benefits of Gas powered cars

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Energy gist series by Ayodeji Steve

The first thought that comes to mind is the financial benefit that comes with gas powered vehicles. Given the current pump price of PMS, also known as petrol, the DPR has released that about $22, 631, 578 can be saved daily if this switch is made by car owners in the country. Since the deregulation of the Oil’s downstream sector, there has been an agitation about the pump price of petrol. Gas, a cheaper fuel, is the available way out, and it covers more distance. This means there’s more money in everyone’s pocket.
Also, since it has been established that gas powered cars have about 15-20% reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide emission in comparison to their petrol and diesel engine neighbours, and also they emit no nitrogen oxides (NOX) they are therefore deemed environmentally friendly, since they contribute very little greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This in itself gives one a sense of responsibility because they are indirectly helping nature.

Another addition is that gas powered engines are usually lesser noise. Since LPG has a very high octane number of about 110, gas powered cars can then have an easier acceleration and seamless in operation. This is very beneficial when it comes to driving within a city where one has to do a lot of stopping and starting, evading noise which is a very disturbing form of pollution.

Very importantly, gas powered engines have a quite long operational life in comparison to the PMS engines. In gas powered engines, LPG goes into the combustion vapour in vapour form, an operational state that engineers haven’t been able to achieve with PMS.

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