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GAIA-X infrastructure is an undertaking reportedly laboring on the improvement federation of data infrastructure and service providers for Europe to ensure European digital autonomy.

The undertaking was first introduced to the general public at the Digital Summit 2019 in Dortmund (Germany) and has been continuously expanded since then. Initiated by France and Germany, it attempts to develop a proposal for the next generation of data infrastructure for Europe, as well as foster the digital sovereignty of European cloud services users. Gaia-X is also an initiative that formulates a software framework of discretion and governance and executes a widespread set of strategies and rules that can be applied to any existing cloud/ edge technology package to attain clarity, controllability, portability, and interoperability across data and services. The framework is meant to be deployed on top of any existing cloud setting that decides to stick to the Gaia-X criterion.

Gaia-X is not a market operator, nor will it operate immediately or exclusively on any of the services needed by the framework. Gaia-X services will be built, regulated, and accepted by the market through operators deciding to adopt the Gaia-X ideal.

Through the decentralized strategy, GAIA-X connects different infrastructures to set up a homogeneous system. Security, independence, and dependability are basic elements of the digital ecosystem this creates.

GAIA-X is also straightforward in many respects, on the one hand, the impression is based on the open-source approach, and the other hand, smaller companies can also profit from the guaranteed market transparency.

The ecosystem built on the infrastructure enhances both the digital independence of the users of cloud services, as well as the capacity to scale and the competitive position of European cloud providers.
No competitive product to prevailing offers should be built through the execution of GAIA-X. Instead, through GAIA-X, several elements should be interlinked via open interfaces and criteria, to link data and develop a platform for innovation. 

There are added benefits to why GAIA-X and they are:
1. Data availability:

There is a need for trustworthy, secure, and transparent data infrastructure that can be used in the exchange and processing of data as this is the only way that Economic scales available in Europe can set in.

2. Innovation:

A digital ecosystem that allows for the advancement of innovative commodities and helps European companies and business models scale up and be globally competitive is needed as GAIA-X provides the basis for such. 

3. Data sovereignty:

Existing cloud offerings are presently monopolized by non-European providers, that can quickly scale their infrastructure, and hold significant market power and large percentages of capital. At the same time, there are growing international anxieties and trade disputes across the globe.

Europe needs to guarantee that it can create and maintain digital sovereignty permanently.
To create added advantages in data infrastructure, an alliance between edge and cloud illustrations should become possible in a simple manner. This will also reduce the obstacles for Small and Medium Enterprises.

The future of our economy is driven by the digital economy, a modern way to create value on top of the prevailing physical ecosystem, products, and services, using data. This will be achievable through the creation of Data Spaces, digital ecosystems that symbolize the real or analogical ecosystem underlying them, through the collection and exchange of data across the numerous partakers and organizations in the value chain.

In conclusion, every one of us produces a huge amount of data every day. Whether through our phones or when we shop online. However, this data is meaningless in itself. Still, if data is put into considerate text and linked with other data, such as associating consumption or market data, it will form a fundamental foundation for a digital economy. Specific companies on the market are already dominating the way in digital value innovation and using data for digital technologies and self-learning AI-based systems. With GAIA-X, the EU is picking up on this trend in digital growth, bringing together surviving European strengths for a digital single market and assuring that it has autonomy in molding the design. A European data infrastructure is the technical rationale for progress in many areas of science, economics, politics, and society.

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