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AUD 2019 – The Business Meeting Point.

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The African Union Day (AUD) Conference which took place on the 24th and 25th of May 2019 at the Deutsches Fußball Museum in Dortmund ended with so many positive vibes.
20190525_090911Photo by Chinelo Ntagu
The AUD Event is hosted by the AfricanTide Union e.V  for the 9th time in the city of Dortmund in celebration of the Africa Union.
This year’s theme was titled ‘Boosting Africa’s Development’. Participants from all the 54 African countries were fully represented coming from the continents of Africa and Europe to deliberate on Africa we want for 2063.
Several discussions surrounding Start-ups and Entrepreneurship in the African communities and in African countries were discussed, including business opportunities that await investors willing to do business with the growing economies in the world. There were two (2) workshops on the first day, and three (3) intensive and engaging workshops on the second day in addition to the various inputs.
In attendance was the City Director, Mr. Jörg Stüdemann, the Ambassador of Nigeria to the Republic of Germany, Mrs. M.S Ogundero, the Manager of the German football Museum, Dr. Klaus Berdeng and a host of other dignitaries, business investors, entrepreneurs, and scholars.
The Highlights of the event was the Fashion show with Solitha Shortte, creative director of Soli productions management from Canada, showcasing designs from Impress yourself of AfricanTide Union and designer Eyal Zimmerman from Israel.
A line up of the models, designer Eyal and Creative director, Solitha Shortte with the chairman of AfricanTide Union, Dr. Dressman, and Mr. Toni Tuklan is seen below.
DSC07351.JPGPhoto by Amged Mohamed
Indeed, the AfricanTide team has once again demonstrated their competence by delivering a successful International business conference out of which vital cooperation and investment impact for African countries gearing towards Africa, we want in the coming year 2063.
20190525_204447A cross section of the AfricanTide Team, photo by Femi Awoniyi

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