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Opportunities and Challenges of Cloud Computing

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Before Cloud Computing

Before the advent of cloud computing, businesses depended on the conventional method of storing and managing data, building data centers that consisted of computer hard drives and other parts. While this system assisted a great deal; it wasn’t and is still not without disadvantages. Companies that can build data centers have to spend a lot of money on retaining them by hiring an army of IT professionals yet coupled with the challenge of maintaining productivity.

However, since the cloud computing strategy of data management was introduced more and more companies (small and large) are turning to it, as it’s been confirmed to be of tremendous impact on businesses.

A young woman configuring beside a Cloud computing Server

Below we shall be looking at the importance of cloud computing to business

1. Saves cost: Unlike the conventional method of storing and managing data where individual businesses strive to set up data centers, cloud storage needs little capital to possess a data storing space for your company. This is so because third parties perform cloud storage services as their businesses. Any other company can buy a package from them on a monthly or annual payment schedule.

Cloud storage service providers take the accountability of maintaining their servers and conducting upgrades for efficient service delivery, while you’re only charged a monthly or annual subscription payment.

2. Data recovery and backup: Businesses that rely mostly on data to handle their day-to-day activities can suffer huge obstacles when data are lost beyond recovery. A lot of data loss happens as a result of saving data on a hard drive. With cloud computing, you don’t have to bother about the unwarranted loss of data. And if it does happen, the systems are well-positioned to get your data recovered at ease.

3. Security: Data security is presently one of the areas IT companies are capitalizing heavily in. You don’t want other people to attain unauthorized access to your data, so, you must intensify efforts to ensure your data is protected. However, a startup business or other regular businesses cannot pay for the time and resources to set up sophisticated security for their data, needless to mention the likelihood of setting up a data center, even. This cloud storage technology is needed to store and secure your data.

4. Productivity and flexibility: Businesses that have resorted to cloud computing technology have profited from enhanced flexibility and productivity since its conception.

For example, most companies no longer depend mostly on staff present at the office for productivity. Rather, they are turning to remote work to get their job done efficiently without hitches. As a result, cloud storage technology allows businesses to electronically store and manage their data while allowing employees to access it from anywhere. Although there are many advantages to moving the business to the cloud, one of the main advantages is that capital-starved businesses can leverage big data without the massive bill. Businesses can compose themselves and run their undertakings in a much more professional and productive manner. Assessing the recent tendencies of cloud computing, the future of cloud computing looks bright as more and more people start shifting their businesses to the cloud.

A Cloud Engineer at Work

Bearing the importance of cloud computing to businesses, it also has its challenges a few of which are:

1. Lack of knowledge and expertise: Due to the complicated nature and the increased demand for research, working with the cloud frequently ends up being a highly tiresome task. It needs immense knowledge and wide expertise on the subject. Although there are a lot of experts in the field they need to constantly update themselves. Cloud computing is a well-paid job due to the comprehensive gap between demand and supply. There are a lot of openings but very few talented cloud engineers, developers, and experts. Therefore, there is a need for upskilling so these specialists can actively understand, manage, and develop cloud-based applications with fewer problems and ultimate reliability.

2. Performance challenges: Performance is an important characteristic when considering cloud-based remedies. If the performance of the cloud is not satisfying, it can drive away users and reduce profits. Even a slight lateness while loading an app or a web page can result in a big drop in the percentage of users.

3. Cost management: Even though almost all cloud service providers have a “Pay As You Go” criterion, which reduces the overall cost of the resources being utilized, there are times when there are massive costs incurred to the business using cloud computing. When there is under-optimization of the resources, let’s say that the servers are not being used to their full potential, adding up to the hidden costs.

4. Data Privacy and Security: Data security is the main concern when shifting to cloud computing. You must carry out user authentication and authorization, individuality management, data encryption, and access control. Security problems on the cloud include identity theft, data infringements, malware infections, and a lot more which ultimately decrease the trust amongst the users of your applications. This can in turn lead to a probable loss in revenue alongside reputation and stature.

There are a lot of ample opportunities in cloud computing technology most of which are job opportunities. Job opportunities in cloud computing are fast arising. We have cloud Engineers, Cloud Architects, Cloud Consultants, DevOps cloud Engineers, Data engineers, Cloud security Engineers etc. To conclude, Cloud computing gives your business numerous advantages. It allows you to set up what is practically a virtual office to give you the flexibility of engaging your business anywhere, any time. With the thriving number of web-enabled devices used in today’s business environment (like. smartphones, iPads, and tablets), access to your data is even easier.

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