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Yes! We should go green.

You might be wondering what “going green” means. It is adopting and implementing practices that would result in zero adverse effect on the environment and hence, engendering sustainable environ for us and the future generation.

The going green culture is a conscious effort towards the practice of these environmentally friendly activities. This could mean, being mindful of how we as individuals as well organizations treat the environment. This would reflect on our waste management, what we allow into the atmosphere, and more so, the cutting of trees. The green culture has been the world’s clamor since the alarming surge of the global temperature in 2015.

A climate scientist, Ed Hawkin said, “2015 is a climate milestone in several ways. Atmospheric carbon dioxide has now passed 400 [parts per million] for the foreseeable future. Majorly due to anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gas, it was the warmest year on record with CO2 as the culprit”

However, it has been proven over and over again that human activities are the major causes of global warming. Our activities such as burning of coal, crude oil refining, gas extraction, deforestation, power plant operations emit harmful gases such as CO2 which in turn goes to the atmosphere.

It was in 2015 that it became obvious that the earth’s climatic condition was deteriorating from the effect of the greenhouse gases. A rise in the temperature – we now have hotter days, intense and extreme weather conditions that are affecting living things, disruption of natural habitats, warming and acidifying oceans, the sea level rising, and many more are the evident impact of global warming.

The good news is that; we can minimize activities that emit this GHG by using several alternatives. In the energy world, there is a fast and growing transition to adopting renewable energy sources. These sources are clean, and they have zero adverse effect on the environment. This is what it means to go green.


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About Oluwanifemi Ojo

Oluwanifemi Ojo is a 500 level student of Electrical and Information Engineering at Landmark University. A Highly motivated learner with a passion for teaching and impacting knowledge. She has a keen interest in Renewable Energy and sees it as a major contributor to sustainable energy in Nigeria.

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