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Fashion is all about self-expression. Showing how you feel from the inside out.

On the talk show – Let’s get to know you, we had the honor to speak more about the brand Maziina.

Chioma Mensh-Bonsu is the founder of Maziina, an online fashion lifestyle brand. She is also a procurement professional with many years in the corporate world.

Maziina (@shopmaziina on Instagram) is an online destination inspiring statement daily styles with a touch of African wear and more.

The aim of Maziina is to promote a self-confidence-building lifestyle.

What is the idea behind Maziina?

Chioma said that Maziina is a combination of her name, and the names of her two daughters, all with Nigerian names. Shopmaziina is all bout self-confidence. There are so many reasons for creating Maziina, one of which is to promote African beautiful culture and wear, integrating it into your daily life. Another reason was to show her kids and many other kids out there that African prints are really beautiful and unique. Thirdly, she had difficulty finding where she could buy it off the hangar.

Below is the full video of her telling us all about shopmaziina. We hope you like it.

visit www.maziina.com

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