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There are situations that make you question your abilities and if you give up on yourself, you will never find out what you can do or how you can maximize your potentials.

Professor Mashudu Tshifularo, is a South African Surgeon, the first surgeon in the world to perform a 3D middle Ear transplant successfully at Steve Biko Academic Hospital in South Africa. The 3D ear transplant is made of compatible titanium middle ear prosthesis that transmits sounds. The professor is a very good example of one who did not give up on his ideas and innovation. His solution is one that will affect people and this pace-setting innovation is sure to bring hope to people with hearing problems all over the world.

After 10 years of research, Professor Mashudu and his team created this solution for people with total or partial hearing loss. He realized the opportunity 3D printing can have in the surgery, as 3D printing has been used in the orthopedic field and other ENT operations. The Middle ear prosthesis was commissioned by the Professor.

Professor Mashudu made it know that Academics are there to create solutions that will help improve the communities and he leaves a strong message to people of the world, to ‘innovate or die’.

The world is a global village and we have to act locally to affect the world regardless of location. Improvement to this groundbreaking 3D middle ear transplant, Professor Mashudu says will continue and he aims at making the surgery affordable to state patients because these type of surgeries are expensive for them.

He made these known in his interview with Carte blanche in the video below.


Video Source: Carte blanche


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