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“Your days are measured by your Immunity”
Grace Bulley

The strength of a castle is not just in the Structures but in the level of tightness of Security protecting it…This is simply like the immune system!

More than ever, these are times to strengthen our immunity of cause in the most natural way.

From the last article on Black seeds, I mentioned that it contains THYMOQUINONE (>40%) & PHYTOSTEROLS (>25%), which are the two major constituents of this mysterious age-long therapeutic seeds.

The major pharmacological activities exerted by Thymoquinone include Anticonvulsant, Antimicrobial, Anti-cancer, Antihistaminic, Anti-diabetic, Anti-inflammatory, and Antioxidant properties…
And all of these properties are potent in the Black Cumin Seeds.

The seeds transcend Ancient times, talked about in the Bible, Koran & Middle East for ages.
In fact, the Black Cumin Seeds is cataloged in the list of UNITED STATES FOOD & DRUGS ADMINISTRATION as “Generally Recognized as Safe”.

Briefly, I will touch on the medicinal abilities of the seed in Prevention or Curative (along with other therapies) effects on some diseases conditions

  1. PULMONARY INFLAMMATIONS: Thymoquinone in the black seeds has been demonstrated to have high potential in inhibiting the inflammatory changes associated with asthma.
    The bronchial relaxation effects of the boiled extract of N.sativa in contrast with Theophylline were accessed.

It was found that black seeds caused SUBSTANTIAL RISES IN ENTIRELY MEASURED RESPIRATORY FUNCTION TESTS & prevented the aggregation of inflammatory cells in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid in lung tissue.

    Black seeds display antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antiparasitic actions.

Also, 30 patients with Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) infection, who were not legible for Ribavirin therapy, when given black seeds oil; 16.17% became seronegative & 50% showed significant improvement in HCV viral load.

In addition, a 27yrs old HIV infected woman diagnosed during antenatal care, she was not eligible for anti-retroviral therapy but was therefore placed on black Cumin oil and honey mixture (10mls/3x daily).
Her repeat serology for HIV infection became negative with undetectable viral load, a whopping CD4 count of >750cells/πL!!! [Onifade et al]

Here, you see the effect of Black Seeds on microbes like Viruses is next to none.

    The combination of N.sativa and Cinnamon cassia extracts to experimentally induced diabetic rats, showed significantly stabilized serum glucose levels (HbA1c), improved lipid profile, and better renal function parameters.

Phytosterols, abundant in black seeds, has huge benefits in lowering the low-density lipoprotein and cholesterol levels.

Black Seeds (2g daily) was used on 57 patients for one year, it resulted in reduced systolic, diastolic, and mean arterial heart rate. Although a trend failed to show a significant reduction of BP in elderly patients until dosage and duration were increased for an additional 6wks!

A substantial reversal of histopathological pancreatic cell injury was also observed in animals using the combined Black seeds and Cinnamon extracts.

    Flavonoids in Black Cumin seeds have been shown to modulate critical neuronal signaling paths involved in the process of memory and synapses.

The main components of Black Seed Oil on brain damage (from sodium nitrite in preservatives), results showed reduced oxidative stress and retrieving of Glutathione cell-regenerating factor restored Cytochrome and remarkable reduction of tumor spread in the brain tissues.

    Thymoquinone in Black seeds prevents the severe signs of joint pains & swellings in Rheumatoid arthritis.

Inflammations as we all know, have a keynote in several Medical conditions, osteoarthritis, fibroids, asthma, allergies, cancer, all diseases associated with pain.
And the existing anti-inflammatory agents commonly used comprise of drugs that produce severe adverse effects like Ulcers, Salt/water retention, etc

However, Medicinal herbs like Cumin are safer with lesser side effects than conventional drugs.

    N.sativa was found to neutralize the toxicity of aflatoxins. 9mg/kg of body weight protects Liver injury induced by aflatoxins.

In fact, Thymoquinone has been found to protect the brain from radiation-induced nitrosative stress!

    Many researchers provided evidence of the chemotherapeutic activity of black seeds on Cancer

This has been found useful as dietary supplements to enhance the effects of Anticancer drugs.

Let me stop here, with all of the above research pieces of evidence, it is evident that Thymoquinone in black seeds has a wide spectrum of effects on IMMUNITY BOOST & ALL-ROUND NUTRITION!!!

Only under a Registered Dietitian’s supervision alongside your Physician or Clinical Pharmacist, should you use black seeds IF you are living with any Chronic Disease Condition.

Also, those suffering from all forms of Ulcers, GERD, and other GIT disorders should endeavor not to use black seeds on an empty stomach.
Black Cumin Seeds is quite acidic in nature.

Lastly, as precaution, avoid ‘abuse’ or overuse of black seeds, I mean taking it continuously for too extended period, or beyond any prescription stated in this article!
Yes, try to combine it with other therapies like Honey, (do not use honey if you are diabetic) Cinnamon and Garlics etc.

Eat to live, don’t live to Eat – FASEHUN OYETOLANI, RD.

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