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Do you know that good food acts as a protective medicine to our body and health?

Most diseases we have today can be avoided by eating healthy and organic food. Food gives the necessary energy the body needs to function properly, to think efficiently, to move, to rebuild and maintain our body balance.

According to Tolani Olaoye – Fasehun, a specialist on diets and a registered dietitian, hints on some myths that have been going on and we overlook them or take them without asking the right questions to know why things are the way they are in our environments should be questioned and reversed. She gives useful details on how to eat your meal, and what to do to stay healthy.

From her facebook page Nutrition gist, she gives some introduction to myths that should be reversed as seen below;

“To Eat is one thing,
But to Eat Intelligently is an Art”

“Ever heard it said, “It’s wrong to eat Watermelon seeds? How untrue and sincerely wrong such statement is…

I once read a story about a couple; they had a huge quarrel over a part of fish cut. The wife believes fish head should be cut off while the husband loves it intact and uncut. She was brought up to see her mother cut it off and interpreted it as not suitable enough for food. Their home was on the verge of a divorce because of this minor dispute until the wife’s mother was called into the matter. ‘The size of the pot I used to cook in the past was too small to contain the full length of the fish so I cut its head off!’

See, the lady held on to the misinformed belief that fish head was bad and should not be eaten, she never tried to inquire why but followed the ‘fish head cutting regimen’ dogmatically!
The fact is she could have lost her home to this false belief…

How many of us are like the lady in the above tale? How many of us hold on to notions, fads, and fallacies about food without properly inquiring if they are true or not?
The assumption is the lowest form of knowledge. Also, in asking for the truth, in any information getting, it is good to note that ‘who said is more important than what is said’

It is not just o.k. to ask alone; it is expedient that you ask from the right authorities. Not everything you see on-line is right; you should ensure to know if the speaker or writer is an authority in that field before you began to live out what is said.

Don’t forget that Fads and Fallacies are wrong practices or mistaken ideas that are very popular and followed by many people for a time with so much exaggerated zeal. Are you following one of such food fads presently?
Let’s check one of such;


Let’s think through this, can fruits be eaten at any time or its best before food as some belief?
This belief that fruit should be before food is hinged on the notion that fruits eaten with food cause fermentation of the undigested meal in the stomach.”

What’s ur personal take on this notion?

watch her on TVC @ WakeUp Nigeria, on Wednesdays 7am – 9am.


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