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In today’s world, serious-minded people go all the way out to get things done, not waiting for others to tell them what to do. The new age of millennials is getting recruited not in the traditional way but by social media engagement through various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

In the course of time, I have learned to take the initiative to do things, especially what people say I can not do, basically to let myself know that there are no limits. The only limits you will have are the once you set for yourself.

One particular interesting move I will be talking about is that of Davian Chester, an artist who draws creatively beautiful illustrations. Davian Chester noticed that @Google did not create a doodle for Juneteenth day, and he made the move to create one which went viral and got the attention of the tech giant Google, he was offered a job after 5 days of releasing his doodle.


His doodle shows a person’s hands breaking loose from chains to spell the word ‘Google’ in commemoration of #Juneteenth day which was shared by hundreds of thousands of people on social media.


Google is known for making innovative doodles for historical events and holidays, but somehow forgot or didn’t know about #Juneteenth.

Davian said on his Instagram page @Real_Toons, “I was planning on making an art piece for it anyway, but I noticed Google did not do anything at all. And for a large company like that to create doodles for literally everything under the sun and have nothing at all today, I thought it was odd”

“I feel it’s very important for us to know as much as we can about our ancestors,” Chester said. “So I feel Juneteenth is already something that isn’t being spread across as much as it should be.

Like Chester, your creative work is what most companies are looking for and not necessarily a beautiful CV, you have to show them what you are bringing to the table.

In recent times, people get jobs through DMs on social media just like Chester did, you too can, by showing your expertise and skills.

There are a lot of creative minds, do not be afraid to make the move, surprise yourself and always be your true self, forget about pleasing anyone, go all out to Impress yourself, and see how opportunities will come rolling at your feet. First, you have to make the Move.

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