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There is a big difference between humans and machines. As human beings, you have the ability to think for yourself if you choose. No matter how AI (Artificial intelligence) works, machines or robots require inputs from humans as intelligence to study and function.

Mental health can be said to be our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. This influences the way we reason, sense, and act. It also determines how we handle stress should we get faced with it and how we relate to others, and make preferences. Mental health is very important at every stage of our life, starting as a child and all the way through to adulthood. Our mental health is an essential part of our life that we need to invest in. Because health they say is wealth. If there is an alteration in our well-being then there is a problem.

Here are 10 tips on how we can take care of our mental health

1. Be mindful of yourself: Understand your personality, what you can do, and what you can outsource. It is a form of recognizing and evaluating your situations in relation to your mental health. For example, a negative situation can have a vast impact on your life, when you are able to recognize it, you can work towards avoiding it and move away.

2. Convey your feelings: Talking about your feelings can help you stay mentally fit and deal with your troubled moments. Many people see communicating their feelings as a sign of weakness and this is not the case. Rather it helps you get out of the situation you find yourself in. It’s a way of helping you take charge of your feelings and doing all it is you have got to do to remain healthy.

3. Keeping fit and Active: engaging in exercises and having an adequate sleep routine can help boost one’s self-esteem and help one concentrate. Regular exercise helps to keep the brain and some other vital organs healthy.

4. Maintaining a healthy diet: The brain needs several nutrients to aid its functionality. The meals we consume play a major role in how we act. Any diet good for your body is also good for your mental health.

5. Keeping in touch: A strong family relationship and friends who are supportive can help you deal with life’s stress. They can make you feel involved in some engaging activities and looked after. They can give you different points of view on what’s bothering you. And you can have a variety to choose from till you arrive at what works for you. There’s nothing as fulfilling as catching up with someone face-to-face. If you’re feeling out of touch, reach out to family and friends and you’d be just fine.

6. Seek professional help: we all aren’t superhumans. At some point, we all get tired and overwhelmed with how we feel. Or when things get too choked up and you feel lost. Get help. Visit a General practitioner or better still a counselor or therapist. They are sure to help you get on track and deal with your health challenges.

7. Take breaks: A change of scene or environment is also very crucial for our mental health. It can even be getting involved in some house chores activities. Like doing general cleaning and sanitation, going for lunch breaks at work, or visiting somewhere new. Also trying yoga and meditation can be of immense help too. Always listen to your body. If you feel tired, take some time to have asleep. This could be relaxing for your mental well-being. Without adequate sleep, our mental status goes down the hill.

8. Accepting who you are: we are all different and unique in our ways. It would be much healthier to accept ourselves for who we are and stop wishing that we were someone else. Feeling good about one’s self boosts self-confidence. Good self-esteem helps you cope with life when it takes a different dimension.

9. Stay away from harmful substances: avoid intake of substances that can ruin your mental health. Avoid alcohol consumption and other drugs which can be harmful to your mental well-being. Instead of making you feel good, it makes you feel worse than you already are feeling. Those substances can put you at risk of sustaining injuries or having diseases that can be detrimental to your health.

10. Join a community: No one is an island, we need to either build a community or join a community with a similar focus, and a group where you can be active. The relationships we have with people are a special protective bond and buffer for our mental health development.

In summary, an emotionally sound and stable person always feels active and truly alive and can easily survive emotionally difficult circumstances. To be emotionally healthy, one has to be physically fit too. Being physically and emotionally healthy is the key to success in all ramifications of life. We should be aware of the effects of mental ailment and must give utmost priority to keep the mind healthy the same way the physical body is kept healthy. Mental and physical health cannot be detached from each other.

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