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Energy efficiency is a commonly used term that describes the efficiency of energy. Something is said to be efficient if it produces maximum output with little or no wastage.

Efficiency is a master saver: the adoption saves time and resources. Energy efficiency can be understood with this example of the LED bulb and the incandescent light bulb. A LED bulb (12-watt) and the traditional bulb (60-watt) give the same output (light). Energy consumed by the LED bulb is 75-80% less than that of a 60-watt incandescent lamp. Energy efficiency is achieving a reduction in overall energy consumption and still obtain the same output.

Energy Security means making energy available and affordable to all. It is having access to reliable, affordable and clean energy. The need for energy is universal; no life can survive without access to one or more sources of energy.

How is energy efficiency a tool for energy security?

The world’s energy consumption is on the increase, and the global adoption of the right efficiency policy is of great importance to achieving energy security. According to the latest analysis by the IEA on energy efficiency, the right policy for energy efficiency could by itself speed up the fall in greenhouse gas emission despite the estimated doubled economy by 2040. The opportunities lined up from improved global efficiency is massive. The examination by Energy Efficiency 2018 shows that by 2040, the gains from the efficiency could allow the extraction of twice as much economic value when compared to today. That is, what energy efficiency would safe is two times more, giving room for more accessibility.

Investing in energy efficiency either by energy conservation or adopting technologies reduce the total cost of production, thereby making it affordable (energy security). Energy efficiency saves energy and the saved energy can be supplied to places with limited access and hence, achieving energy security.

About Oluwanifemi

Oluwanifemi Ojo is a 500 level student of Electrical and Information Engineering at Landmark University. A Highly motivated learner with a passion for teaching and impacting knowledge. She has a keen interest in Renewable Energy and sees it as a major contributor to sustainable energy in Nigeria.


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