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I recall vividly, at the beginning of the year, we heard about the Corona Virus which was labeled ‘the China Virus’, and we were sure it would be handled and contained in China. Little did we expect it to erupt and spread to the rest of the world.

In March this year, Germany had its first lockdown, along with most parts of the world outside of China. We lost family and loved ones, especially in the USA, Italy, India to mention a few countries.

Covid-19 Deaths as of 22 December 2020

Businesses were affected, essential workers and few businesses were permitted to continue operation to provide for what was necessary for our day to day living, small scale business was forced to stop operations in order to contain the spread.

A lot of businesses scaled their operations digitally and WFH (Work From Home) was normalized. Some businesses made more profit while some made losses – that’s the way the curve goes, up and down.

Below are the five things that the year 2020 has taught me so far.

5 Things 2020 taught me

# Appreciate the little things: Family, friends, and loved ones. When you are sick, mostly then do we envy staying healthy and fit. Stay tuned for tips on healthy living with our Expert Fasehun Tolani on Nutrition.

# Be closer to like minds: As it is said, Iron sharpens iron. This year I was part of Tekedia Mini-MBA, a big Thank you to Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe and other Faculty, who took us on a journey of Innovation, Growth, and Digital Execution. (My experience in Tekedia Mini-MBA will come in another post).

# Co-learn with Innovators: This enhanced my skills on so many levels. I met other co-learners like Samuel Chukwunonso Eze, Segunfunmi Adewale, Nnamdi Odumody, Sally Ewune, Aderonke Adeyemi, Temitope Farombi, Arinze Onyeasigbulem, Sally Ewune, Ayodeji Steve, and a host of other wonderful people.

# Develop ideas and test them: knowing that failure is part of the process has helped to remove fear in actions I take. I also learn very fast adopting workable client-specific solutions.

# Evaluate what matters: consider value creation, be more customer-centric, Use your time wisely, and create time for family and loved ones.

So yes, it’s been an eventful year with ups and downs, and I am grateful I am here.

Connect and lets work towards an abundant year ahead.

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