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Fashion is a way to express yourself without words. Lagos Nigeria is known as the fashion capital of Africa. The ARISE Fashion Week & Jazz Festival 2023 took place from 2nd to 4th February 2023. This fabulous event hosted models and various exciting African and diaspora designers. It showcased African creativity and the celebration of Jazz music with the theme ‘Future Forward’.

Here is the list of some designers that took part in the ARISE Fashion week 2023

Ameer by Ameer

Mokodu Fall

T.I Nation

Iteun Basi


Ziva Lagos


Bianca Saunders


Nkwo, and more.

From the designers above, Mokodu Fall caught our attention as his designers are more in Art and statement form, representing Fashion ART, and paintings of clothes. Mokodu Fall was also part of our Fashion Major Event for 2022, and here are some of his beautiful works below at ARISE Fashion show 2023.

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