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From a very tender age, men and women are brought up to live up to unrealistic beauty ideals put upon them by society and their immediate community. They are required to be hairless all over their body, have to be slender with no tummy but big behinds, smell heavenly all the time, not have regular bodily fluids and gases, and be an all-around definition of perfect. Both men and women fall into the trap of defining beauty by standards of the society. For men, they have to be six feet tall, with broad shoulders and some six-packs to fit into society standards.

The notion of beauty is always changing positions as the world evolves. It is more inclusive than ever imagined.

Whom we assume ‘’beautiful’’ is a consideration of our significances. Now, a more comprehensive world has arrived where we are all beautiful in our own ways.

It is quite difficult to live up to something so unachievable especially starting at an early age as low as 3. Having a normal yet incredible societal implication pumped into you as soon as you are born can be mentally and physically devastating.

You have to look a certain way for society to consider your beauty even when you try so hard to mold yourself to the status quo. Even with that, there is always judgment behind it all. Women have to be slim, thick, to where your tummy must be flat. Women have to wear make-up, even men too. It gets even harder to try to love who we are especially when we get judged left and right for looking or being the way, we are. Almost anything a woman does; she gets condemned for and negative effects build up quickly.

Societal anticipations from both men and women are extremely high and need to stop being forced upon us. It causes self-hate and confidence problems even low self-esteem from a tender age and this can be devastating because we try so hard to find the status quo when it should be made to fit all in reality.

Ignoring the favorable body shapes and body types can be quite tasking in this digital age. The more social media and society have eaten deeply into our lives, the harder it becomes to be able to live by one’s own definition of beauty and not feel compelled to submit to society’s standards. Through social media, we have become self-absorbed and have let social media presence define us through some handles like Instagram, Facebook, and some online dating sites. Instead of concentrating on your body’s physical attributes, think about the things your body can do health-wise.

The world is estimated to have over seven billion people on earth and every single one of these people looks different. No matter how much people make us believe that being different is unique. Society set up a beauty standard, with the help of social media and celebrities, and these standards make people question their looks, and bearing in mind this standard is just what the society considers as being beautiful. This idea is one that primarily everyone knows about and can relate to. No one on this planet is exactly the same even identical twins, but people still feel the need to meet the standard set by society.

Everyone has two sides to them, one that says you are perfect just the way you are, and the other that puts you down and keeps telling you I have to change to fit in. there is always going to be the caring side and the judgmental side.

If we continuously keep chasing the beauty standards set up by society, we will in the end never be happy with our physical features and we will on a constant basis be trying to fit into societal standards. It is better off to take time to concentrate on our strengths, what we like about our structure, and build more on it. If there is anything pulling us back as well we can put it into writing as our challenges. When the feeling of you fighting these standards springs up, you can go back to your writing pad and take a look at the strengths and qualities you have identified, that is enough to strengthen you. Beauty does not solely define us. Love your body for all it has to offer and the way it looks, regardless of how it appears and how society thinks it should be.

In Summary, our focus should be on self-development and healthy living rather than beauty standards as we know, it is only a way to put people in boxes of other people’s opinions.

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