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The Genius in Every Child

In: motivation

Every child is born unique. Every child is special. Even if your child was born exactly nine (9) months, less than or more than nine months. Even if he or she was born normal or abnormal, small or big, blind or not, whatever the case may be, that baby has a special gift. It is the duty of the parent to guide the child in obtaining his or her potentials and not suppress the child.
The current school system and our present society is one that aims to deem the shine of children,  looking out to have flawless children, expecting the child to behave in a certain ‘programmed’ way. In reality, the full potential of a child is achieved when that child’s creativity is allowed to blossom with direction and guidance, rather than forceful deposition of lectures into the brain of a certain ‘theory’.
I have been opportune to work with children from various backgrounds and different countries, and it was amazing to watch how each child exhibits his or her creativity. Some are quiet and observant, some are thinkers, some are painters, most of them are curious. Immediately, I saw how diversity plays out and when it is time to play or work, they do it together without recalling the fact that they are from different countries or cultures.
Performance of a child is not by competition or grades. Most children who succeed in life are those who in one way or the other beat the odds and decide to leave their comfort zones to achieve their greater calling.
There are so many things school don’t teach, for example

  • How to think
  • How to build a career
  • How to start a business
  • How to sell
  • How to negotiate
  • How to be a good partner
  • How to manage time
  • How to face failure
  • How to invest money
  • How to handle money
  • How to communicate well
  • How to make an impact
  • Principles of success
  • The importance of Travelling
  • How to read a financial statement

It is, therefore, a greater task for parents to teach kids these life-skills, to love, to understand that failure is a stage in life that will pass, and help them learn from their mistakes, to enable the children to grow and know that they are great, as every child is a genius.

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