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Have you ever felt lonely in a country that is not of your origin? You are new to a place, and trying to connect to people that you can relate with.

Are you looking for professionals from your country you can meet up with and discuss?

We are excited to host Chike, an IT engineer who is helping Nigerians in Germany connect on the Twitter Community @NIGERCommunity, on our Talk show – Let’s get to know you. The NIGERCommunity is made up of Nigerian professionals in Germany.

About Chike

Chike is an IT professional bases in Stuttgart and a Tech Career Coach wit My Coach Nation. He is the founder of the Nigerians in Germany Community on Twitter @NIGERCommunity. This is a community of mostly professionals based in Germany. He would be telling us more about the professional community and the benefits of connecting with other professionals in Germany.

What to Expect:

All about Nigerian Professionals in Germany Community

Career Coaching in the Tech Field

How to go about life in Germany (Life Hack)

Let’s Get to Know You with Chike Diala

There are two types of tickets for this talk show, the Free ticket for all to join, and ask questions. And the VIP Guest Ticket for limited persons. With the VIP Guest Ticket you have the privilege to Join in Live and contribute to the discussion. Get Your Ticket Here.

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