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Are you a medical student or do you know medical students in Germany? Are you planning to switch to medicine, or do you need the information for your children?

In Germany, there are different career paths and we will cover the medical journey for people in the medical field.

We hosted Frau Dr. Nuhn on Saturday 15th April 2023 Live on Facebook. and she spoke about the different possibilities of becoming a medical practitioner in Germany.

About Dr. Valerie Nuhn

Dr. Nuhn was born in Burkina Faso and came to Germany in 2002 at 19 to study. After a one-year German course, she studied medicine at the University of Essen-Duisburg on 10.2003.

From 2010- 2018: worked as an assistant doctor in the hospital. 

October 2018: Specialist in internal medicine

May 2020: additional qualification in diabetology

From 2018-2022: functional senior physician at the Diabetes Centre Rheinland in Haan

Since 01.01 2023: established as an internal medicine general practitioner.

Topic: Career Path for Medical Students in Germany

What to Expect:

– What you need to know as a medical student / Practitioner

– How to get into the medical field in Germany

– Her experience as a medical doctor in Germany

The video above captures all the information you need in English and German. You can leave your question as a comment, or email us specific questions to info@ogalady.com.

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