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Self-development is the various ways, skills, or steps you can take to better yourself or overcome your bad habits.

In order to improve your life and well-being, it is recommended to look at what you are good at, and do some SWOT analysis on yourself. Just like organizations analyze their strengths and weaknesses, you as an individual also need to take your self-analysis seriously. People from all works of life want to enhance their circumstances, lessen stress, optimize their productivity, and more. Although many people share the same expectation, very few know how to reach it in a way that makes it understandable to them. The good thing is that putting up with your life to attain the next status is not as impossible as you might presume.

A lot of people think that an external phenomenon, lack of skill, or ill-luck is what stops them from attaining their capacity, but that is on the contrary. More frequently than not, fear is the number one aspect that will deter you from pursuing your dreams and resulting in making you feel emotional pain. A lot of people dread failure, but others bother about success and what it could mean to them. To overcome fear, you must cultivate a positive mindset.

The easiest way to achieving your self-development goals is to find what you are good at, your weaknesses, and how you can improve them. Below are 7 best practices to help you with your self-development.

1. Start Today: Do something about your self-development right now. You can make changes along the way, there is no perfect date, as every day is an opportunity to improve on something you find that is not working for you. Enjoy the process of your transformation and do not procrastinate, Start Now!

2. Face your Fears: To get rid of fear, resolve to build a positive mind. Go the extra mile to concentrate on the positives. Surviving little fears is enough to keep you mentally strong. Like a muscle, your strength will start to become stronger as you stick to your chosen habit.

3. Know your Worth and Be Grateful: Although we might want to withhold it, a lot of us could actually work on our self-esteem by knowing and appreciating our worth. The way that you perceive yourself and your capacity to withstand the challenges in life influences you and those around you. By focusing on what you have, think about how it benefits others. Your self-development is for others as well as for you.

4. Be Responsible for your Actions: Blame game is detrimental to growth. You are responsible for what you do and where you are today. It is your responsibility to initiate the steps and plan your self-development. That means the results from any actions you take are yours and no one else, be intentional in your decision making.

5. Be Open-Minded: Each time you meet people, you can learn some piece of information that can be beneficial to you. It is also possible that they have a different perspective. Be empathetic and build healthy relationships. Finding a mentor or having a consultant to discuss your goals or ideas can help you avoid so many hurdles. Here’s my consultation schedule to help you maximize your ideas and self-development process. You can easily send an email with your questions/requests to info@ogalady.com.

6. Challenge yourself: Making plans are easy, executing is where you know who can do what. This is where challenging yourself comes in. Do the ordinary in an extraordinary way with baby steps. Divide a large goal into smaller doable steps and keep the end result in mind while focusing on your baby steps. Attending training and conferences, do research on your topic of interest, develop your skills and go for coaching.

7. Accept Change: A lot of people try to be perfect, and this attempt will cause a lot more harm than good. The world is constantly changing and you need to transform yourself, if not you become redundant. Even if you decide to do nothing, the world will still change without you. Your self-development must include digital transformation to embrace change. Your actions will translate into desired results. Take action today!

Furthermore, life rotates in a merry-go-round way, there will be ups and downs, and your ability to persists in times of your low matters.

Now you can clearly understand that a lot of effort has to be put in place in order to attain self-development. Most importantly, know your strengths and weaknesses, and work diligently towards achieving your set goal with the best practices above! Which point was your favorite?

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