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Energy is universal, and it is required for productivity in any part of the world. Africa as a continent is not left out of those requiring energy. A geometrical increase in population has led to a corresponding increase in demand. Energy in terms of power is needed for diverse applications.

There is a significant effect of Africa’s rapid economic and population growth on the energy sector both locally and globally. The major challenge would be meeting the demands accompanied by this growth – the provision of reliable, sustainable, and affordable energy.

This is a phase that is accompanied by a high demand for energy and would require a form of re-visit on the path of policymakers. Their steps and decisions would radically reflect on the sector, and these may either lead to an increase or a decline in the development of this sector.

However, with the current policy and measures, access to sustainable energy is more like an illusion. According to IEA, 600 million people do not have access to electricity in Africa. Despite accounting for about 17% of the world’s population, IEA says she ranks amongst the lowest generation and grid investment, and supplies about 4% of the world’s power supply investment.

How do we move from here?

Africa is gifted with abundant natural resources that are capable of generating revenue that can drive development. This would require significant attention, setting up policies, and measures to improve the revenue generated. There is a need to generate enough from other sectors to be able to scale up her investment in the energy sector. With this, she can build a reliable power system focusing on generation and distribution.

By investing in energy, she has provided the opportunity for growth and innovation as the cost of renewable energy technology is gradually declining. A continent with an effective power supply will develop rapidly.

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