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In Nigeria, while I was growing up, I wondered why the history classes were all about things that did not come from my environment and we were taught about other people’s countries, for example, the United Kingdom, and the United States to mention a few.
Race was never a discussion because everyone was beautiful in their shades of dark. We have beautiful Albinos too.

What I enjoyed more in school was the language classes. We had to choose from Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa languages and we were encouraged to learn a different language from our mother tongue, and I believe this helped me understand others better. To give you a little insight (small gist), Nigeria is a country with more than 520 languages, the major spoken ones being Igbo, Urhobo, Hausa, Yoruba, Ibibio, Fula, Edo, Ijaw, Kanuri, and Tiv.
Back to the ‘race’ talk, coming to Germany I mention in my write-up Identity, I was told Germans are racist, but I can tell you, not everyone. So where and when did this race talk come from? Guess what? It only started in the 14th century with the invasion of Spain.

According to the saying, “Ignorance is a choice”. Here is the breakdown of hidden history and I hope you learn something from it.
According to Cheikh Anta Diop, a Senegalese historian, and anthropologist, alongside many other historians, the greatest empires in the world were African empires.  Very little information is shared by the media on the educational and cultural hubs that these African empires once were. The Formation of Europe’s first civilization in Greece was from the Black Africans of the Nile Valley, they civilized the Greeks. The Greeks handed over the obtained culture to the Romans who almost lost it, which was the beginning of the Dark Ages, the Moors came in to assist in restoring civilization. After the collapse of the Roman empire in 711 AD, the conflicting tribes of the Caucus were shoved to Western Europe, while the Moors seized the Spanish shores bringing culture to these barbaric tribes.

According to Cheikh, the African Muslims ruled over Spain, Portugal, Southern France, and North Africa for more than 700 years while the monarchs of France, Germany, and England lived in barns with no ventilation systems. In the 10th century, Cordoba which was the capital city of Moorish Spain now the province of Córdoba, was the most modern city in Europe. The city had half a million population, beaming with street lights. The city also had 70 libraries, 500 mosques, and 50 hospitals with running water. The cities such as Paris and London regulated by the catholic church did not even have street lamps and paved roads until hundreds of years afterward.

The scientific revolution in Europe came about through the Muslims of Spain. They established the number 0 and the decimal system which rejuvenated solving mathematical issues. There is Historical proof that suggests Abbas ibn  Firnas, an African inventor, took to the skies almost 600 years before Leonardo Da Vinci invented a hand glider. Abbas ibn Firnas is the world’s first scientist to attempt flying (Wikipedia) and the crater Ibn Firnas on the moon is named to honor him. Muslim Spain was well known for great navigational technology with skills in cartography and craftsmanship in shipbuilding, which the monarchies of Spain and Portugal took great advantage of after the conquest and end to African Muslim rule in the region in the 14th Century, and because they could not tell what religion each person belong to, they killed based on the skin color, which paved the way for the colonization of the Americans.

Furthermore, according to the Center for Research in Globalization, 99% of the Christian Europe population was illiterate, and a majority of the monarchs could not read or write, while education was common in Muslim Spain. The founders of Oxford University of England, the epitome of Western European education got their inspiration from the Institutes of Education in Spain. The oldest operating university in the world today according to UNESCO’s education sector, is the University of Al-Karaouine of Morrocco founded by a Black woman, Fatima al-Fihri during the prominence of the Moorish Empire in 859 AD.
Below is a video link to Red Table Talk by Jada Pinkett Smith, where Jane Elliott a renowned diversity educator, says “We need to stop believing the myth”. From her statement, I realized why my history lessons were about other countries rather than my country’s history. She explains in clear words, that the Human race began with Black women and we are all from the same family – The Human family, and that racism started only a few years ago in the 14th century with the invasion of Spain. She also made it clear, that there were black people in America 4000 years before Columbus was born, and the paleness on the skin is because you live further away from the equator, nothing else. Even Jesus is not pale skin!


In Summary, Only one race matters – The HUMAN RACE. Diversity in the Human race aids globalization. Educate yourself, while doing so, challenge the status quo and Impress yourself.

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